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CVIR Education began as a result of speaking to many techs wanting to take the VI or CI Registry and searching for a study guide.  I looked online and found a few study guides.  Many were outdated, and those that weren’t outdated used terminology specific to their area or even their facility.  That doesn’t work!

Using the outline found on the ARRT® website, we have written a comprehensive review covering everything mentioned in the outline.  We were so complete, we might have gone into too much detail!  What we didn’t do is ask people to give us specific questions found on the exam.  Besides being dishonest, it serves to decrease the integrity of the exam.  It also lowers the meaning of the VI or CI credential.

We are working with an 85% passing rate(!) currently, and are getting good reviews.  Here are a few:

  • “I PASSED the Board EXAM! I took the exam this morning and I finally PASSED it! I am so incredibly relieved! My position at work was on the line, basically if I didn’t pass, I would lose my position at work. I had so much riding on this.”
  • “…just wanted to let you know, I took my exam today and passed it! Thanks so much for your review course, it was a big help!”
  • “I am certain the CVIR review was a great help in accomplishing this difficult feat. When I was taking the CVIR practice exams on line, I felt all the subjects were thoroughly covered. They were tough, and I never did pass any of the CVIR practice exams. But I would go over the lessons/review tests and learn from them for the next time. The information on your review was most helpful!”
  • “…would not have passed without it.”
  • “There really is no other information out there available to prepare a technologist for the difficult board exam.”

It is our hope here at CVIR Education that everyone who uses our Registry Review can echo the above statements.

But there is more to CVIR Education than just reviews.  We have started creating CEU activities that will be uploaded to the site.  They will be completely online, and open to RT and RCIS.  Our credentialing is obtained through the AVIR® (Association of Vascular and Interventional Radiographers).  We are working with Advanced Health Education Center in Houston to do live review courses.  We’ll post the calendar on this site.  Not to mention that one of our staff is a traveling technologist (Cath, IR and EP!), and may be coming to an area near you.  We’ll post that, and if you’re interested in a live CEU presentation, we can provide that.

This blog will be written primarily by our traveler, and focus on issues in the hospitals and labs around the country.  We hope it will be a resource for you!

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